Is there sex in Nuru massage?

There is no sex in a Nuru massage. In fact, a Nuru massage session does not involve any kind of penetration. A lot of people have this misconception due to the fact that the Nuru massage is highly sexual in nature. The rubdown is given and received completely naked, but the therapists do not entertain any sexual advances.

This slippery massage originated in Japan and is a way of awakening your dormant sexual energies that are within your body. The therapist slides and glides with their naked body and makes sure to touch every part of the recipient’s body. The recipient also experiences orgasms, but without sex.

Is there sex in Nuru massage?
Is there sex in Nuru massage?

Nuru massage is one of the ancient traditional Japanese ways of body massage which is performed using Nuru oil.

It gives the customer a unique feel of warmth and comfort, especially if you have been to a traditional Japanese hot spring spa.

The masseuse will use her bare hands and the massage oil, to bring the customer’s body into a deep relaxation.

So far it sounds like something that could be a prelude to sex.

However a Nuru massage often is just that – a great way to relax.

However some massage therapists may take it further against an extra charge but that is definitely a ‘slippery slope’.

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