How To Give Nuru Massage | Japanese Slippery Massage

  Wet New Room Massage Gel is available in two pure water based formulas, both with moisturizing, alovera, seaweed, and grape seed extract.

And soothing camo meal. Flower extract. These formulas are odorless, tasteless, nons, staining, and are designed for a long lasting play originating in Japan. Nuru is an intimate central massage between two partners using full body contact. Glading nude body over nude body. The mood can be set using candles and playing sensual music.

We recommend covering your bed with the wet new room massage sheet. This will provide a slippery surface that will not absorb the wet new room Massage gel. You’ll want to warm the gel. We recommend placing the whole bottle with Capon in a sink or bowl full of warm water. Start with a shower, no room.

Massage works best with wetter dam skin. A hut shower will also help. Relax your muscles and prepare for the massage towel off lightly. But do not dry yourself completely. Have your warm, wet, new room, massage gel ready. Or if you’re using the concentrate, you can use it directly from the bottle, or you can mix it in a bowl with one part warm water and one part gel.

As the masseuse, you will slowly cover your whole body. New room massage gel. Ask your partner to lay face down while you drizzle wet New room massage gel over their back and entire body. A good rule to follow is soft tissue on hard bone and hard bone on soft tissue. For example, use soft surfaces like breasts over hard surfaces like the shins and hard services like the forearms on soft surfaces like the buttocks body.

Slide, lay face down on your partner and slide your breasts and body. Up and down over their entire body. Buttock massage. Sit on your partner facing forward and use your buttock to glide over your partner’s back and legs. You can modify this position by laying back to back and sliding your whole body over your partner lakes, calves, and ankles.

You can then turn around facing the other directions slowly sliding over your partner while using your hands to massage your partner’s legs, calves and ankles. Scissor straddle. Next, you can create a scissor motion with your legs sliding your thighs over their thighs at the same time massaging your partner’s feet and toes back on back.

Ask your partner to spread their legs creating a cradle. You can then use this cradle for balance while sliding your back over your partner’s entire body. Frontal body slide and reverse body slide. Ask your partner to turn over, use your whole body to slide over them. You can then reverse this position and continue the technique.

Let wet new room massage gel. Be your ultimate guide to discovering a new dimension of sensuality with your partner. Be as creative as you like and discover your world of wet new room massage.

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