What exactly happens during a nuru massage?

A nuru massage is a full body-to-body erotic massage using a special, ultra-slippery gel usually made out of seaweed. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless, meaning that it’s absolutely safe to use. Often, a special inflatable mattress or drop cloth is used to contain the mess of the gel.

Nuru is a silky, sliding erotic massage style that uses the fully naked body to massage and stimulate your partner and client. Unlike most other body work, with nuru, which directly translates to “slippery”, everyone is completely nude and covered in an ultra-slippery gel and then the male therapist uses his entire body to rub, stroke, and grind against the client body.

The massage is intimate and helps establish a connection, while also having an interesting erotic experience for both. The full-body contact is relaxing and arousing at the same time, so a nuru massage is usually offered in an erotic context rather than a therapeutic massage setting.

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