What is An Erotic Massage

 Erotic massage – in terms of its effect on a person, it implies practically unlimited possibilities of influencing the physical and, therefore, psycho-emotional health of a person.

It can be argued that the psychophysical health of a person is directly related to sexual energy. In erotic massage, you need a variety of pace of movements. The slower the speed, the faster the partner relaxes. And fast movements make erotic massage stimulating.

Rubbing movements improve blood circulation and help muscles relax. When a place hurts, we instinctively reach out to rub it. A wide  variety of massage techniques will allow you to select those that are more suitable for your partner.

Massage of the large muscles of the back and legs, both in terms of the techniques used and the physical efforts necessary for it, differs significantly from the massage of the most sensitive parts of the hands and feet. However, do not be afraid of the technical side of things. You can master stroking – the universal technique most often used in massage, from which work on any part of the body begins and ends.

With an erotic massage, things are simplified by the fact that everything happens naturally in it, by itself. You just have to start to know each other by touch.

The sliding, smooth touches of the fingertips to the body of a loved one are themselves a powerful stimulant; other techniques only expand the spectrum and increase the strength of the pleasures experienced. It is traditionally believed that contact with the body of a partner should be  maintained continuously.

It is understood that your hand should remain on its back while you are changing the position of your own body, trying to reach an oil vessel or take a towel. The idea, in general,  is good, but the skills of an experienced acrobat are necessary for its practical implementation. In addition, you will not have the opportunity to stretch yourself, straighten your shoulders, relax your arms and back, when necessary. Therefore, when you need to do something with your hands away from the partner’s body, put his head on your lap or lean against his thigh.

Moving to another part of the partner’s body, try to stay as close to him as possible and avoid sudden movements. About a full body massage of a partner using all the techniques described in this book takes about an hour. Of course, you can skip entire sections, leaving only what you like the most.

However, a general massage, that is, a full massage of the whole body, is an  experience so wonderful that it should be done at least sometimes. It makes one feel the body as a whole, and not affirm the priority of one part of the body over another.

It goes without saying that one should refrain from commenting on the particularities of the partner’s figure – this will destroy the atmosphere of trust and relaxation. During the massage, talk as little as possible; You can be distracted only to report if there are unpleasant sensations. Focus completely.

At the very beginning – an intimate touch on the hip of a loved one. Lightly stroking the back in the opposite direction (from top to bottom) is exciting. The combined actions of two pairs of hands provide the opportunity to enjoy the magic of erotic touches to both partners at the same time.

Tandem stroking

The palm of the entire plane lies on the body of the partner, the hand with your fingers forward slides effortlessly towards you. The hand returns with the base of the palm forward, no effort is applied in the reverse movement. Hands work together, the first phase of the movement, performed with  effort, should, if possible, be directed to the heart: with massage of the legs, lower back and abdomen up; with massage of the neck, shoulders and upper chest down. However, do not let this rule stop you if you suddenly want to make a delightfully slow stroking movement, for example, up or down along the entire back.

Stroking in the opposite direction. It is carried out in the opposite direction of stroking the “tandem”. The fingers are still directed forward, but the palms are moving gently towards you.

Particularly nice is alternately stroking in the opposite direction, when one hand follows the other: the second hand starts stroking at the moment when the first one finishes it. Try to do this in smooth circular movements without exerting much pressure. This is a good welcome to complete the massage.

Stroking with a tandem is performed with both hands towards the head and is a deeply acting movement with the application of force. You can start both relaxing and exciting massage with it. Fingers follow the bend of the waist with a light, teasing movement.

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